Case Study
| Jan 9, 2023

Waterpik uncovers optimal product bundle to get Costco buy-in faster than ever

Waterpik, a premium water flosser, was faced with understanding the nuances of Costco shoppers - who want premium products at club prices - to develop a product bundle that would entice buyers and maximize the effectiveness of their shelf space. They needed to strike the right balance between product quality and price, and they needed a data-backed strategy to get buy-in from their Costco partners.

Learn how Waterpik uncovered rich insights into the preferences of Costco shoppers through a Conjoint Analysis and follow-up Instant Survey, helping them optimize their product bundle to best meet consumer needs. Check out the case study to discover how Waterpik:

  • Got feedback directly from verified Costco shoppers
  • Conducted follow-up research in less than a week with Instant Survey
  • Got buy-in from their Costco partners faster than ever
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