Ask your
"What If?"

Get fast answers from consumers during this uncertain time. inform your brand strategy, path to purchase optimization and innovation plans using Numerator’s Test Panel.

Activate the power of
Numerator’s Test Panel.

The Numerator Test Panel unlocks the ability to ask "what if" while protecting our static panel from biasing questions. By creating a separate Test Panel of some of our most engaged core shoppers, you can unlock more survey use cases across brand strategy, innovation, and path to purchase - providing deep “what-if” insight faster than ever.


Innovate at the speed of the modern consumer

Leverage targeted surveys to understand consumers’ attitudes about future initiatives faster.


Invest your ad dollars
with confidence

Vet ad concepts with known purchasers of your brand, competitive brands or category.


Uncover tactics that accelerate buying

Understand the awareness and impact of promotional offers on shoppers.


Identify consumers for qualitative feedback.

Numerator’s verified purchase behavior can be leveraged for qualitative recruits.

  • Save time finding the right people for your qualitative research partners
  • Stop relying on expensive screeners and minimize recall bias impacting your insights
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Survey types unlocked by Test Panel.

Concept screening


Hone in on your target audience and understand their reactions to your new product concepts so you can recommend data-based recommendations for improvements. Leverage Numerator’s Instant Survey for fast design and feedback.

Idea screening


Inform your innovation process early by asking target audiences about new product ideas for future development.

Package testing


Understand how your most important audiences perceive your package concepts and what elements need further refinement.

Advertising testing


Get feedback from consumers you care most about to understand what messages are resonating and could increase your product sales.

Promo effectiveness


Gauge awareness for promotions currently in the market and understand the role promotions are playing in purchase decisions with Promo Insights.

Gain a deeper understanding of your consumer.

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