| Jul 25, 2023

Tasty Insights: Consumer Appetite for Sustainability in Snacking

As consumers develop a growing hunger for ethical and sustainable products, understanding their sentiment is critical to correctly engaging this key segment. How important is sustainability to consumers in the Candy and Snacks categories and what are growth drivers for sustainable brands?

Alex Hopson, Numerator Senior Consultant, and Molly Ryan, Numerator Content Marketing Analyst, help brands identify the key ingredients to a successful sustainability strategy. Tune in to find out:

  • How important are eco-friendly features to key consumer segments?
  • How do consumers define sustainability and what are their perceptions?
  • What influences shoppers decisions when purchasing in the Candy and Snacks categories?
  • How does the more conscious sustainable shopper differ from the unaware shopper in their purchasing habits?
  • Which brands are winning by going green?
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Alex Hopson
Alex Hopson
Senior Consultant
Molly Ryan
Molly Ryan
Content Marketing Analyst