| Feb 15, 2023

Helping SNAP Consumers During Economic Headwinds

Helping SNAP Consumers During Economic Headwinds

In this report, we leverage Numerator’s unique ability to view purchase-verified supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) participants to deep dive into the impact of the current economic environment on today’s SNAP shopper. We identify who the SNAP shopper is today and how their behavior is shifting in response to market forces, so that brands and retailers can better understand how to support these consumers as they battle increasing economic headwinds

Download the report to learn:

  • How SNAP shoppers have adjusted grocery stores and brands they purchase to offset higher costs.
  • In which categories they’re making tradeoffs, like consolidating or dropping units.
  • What Health & Wellness looks like for SNAP shoppers, both as caregivers and through the lens of personal health.
  • What the future composition of SNAP shoppers might look like, and how that impacts the ways that brands and retailers engage with them.
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