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Corteva Seed Brands

Corteva seed brands offer farmers higher yield potential seeds, helping increase yield & maximize stress tolerance.

Corteva Seed Brands Focused R&D

All Corteva Agriscience seed brands draw from Corteva’s global R&D innovation.

Innovation Engine


Corteva has one of the world’s largest and most diverse germplasm pools.

We leverage our knowledge across our organization and crops, building on nearly 100 years of innovation.

Robust Pipeline


Corteva is investing in innovative solutions for the future, with a strong pipeline of new traits, hybrids and varieties.

Attuned to the Market


We study market trends and listen to farmers, channel partners, and other stakeholders, to incorporate their evolving needs into our seed development planning.

Rigorous Testing and Development


Our R&D team puts each new product through the most rigorous testing in our labs and through thousands of local field trials before is ever brought to market.

Right Products for Each Market


Working with our teams around the world, we develop the right products for each market. We are keenly aware of how climate, soil, pests, and environmental conditions may differ, even on the same farm.

Products to Suit Each Farmer


Our portfolio is designed to meet each individual farmer’s different needs.

Our portfolio includes seed varieties which meet different objectives, e.g., seed bred to deliver consistently year over year and across multiple conditions.

Advantaged Routes to Market


We have expanded access to our genetics, technology and traits through multiple routes to market, giving farmers choices on how they purchase Corteva seed.

Full Corteva solution


Farmers can maximize the productivity of their operations through crop protection and digital solutions from Corteva.

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We believe in responsible agriculture and are working to improve the lives of farming communities, through products and practices which preserve biodiversity, protect the environment, and sustain the land.

Responsible Agriculture

Our Seed Brands

Two unique, global seed brands – built to satisfy distinct needs of local farmers around the world.