Understand your consumer & precisely create audiences for targeting.

Leverage Numerator's first-party purchase data to accurately target and gain efficiencies.

Improve your ad targeting.

With the decreasing usage of cookies and steady degradation of MAIDs, access to rich audience data is more critical than ever before. Numerator provides a single source for both purchase and profile-based audience data, enabling clients to identify precise targets and maximize the efficacy of their media investment.

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known buyers

Find the right audience whether you are looking for light to loyal shoppers in specific SKUs or shoppers who are leaking to other brands or retailers, and anything in between.

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Capture omnichannel purchase data

Build segments based on behavior across all retail channels, from big box to bodega, brick & mortar to eCommerce, and specialty to club.

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Identify potential purchasers

Benefit from a holistic understanding of consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and opinions to efficiently expand your targeting.


Get more
with Numerator.

More Channels Covered: Identify audiences based on full omnichannel purchase behavior

More Precision: Further refine your audience targets with 2,500+ profile attributes

More Effective: Enable more effective media spend through more accurate targeting

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Want to understand the effectiveness of your advertising?

Inform your advertising strategy by correlating shopper purchase behavior to your ad campaigns with Numerator Insights, powered by the Numerator OmniPanel.

Single source data doing the work of multiple datasets.

Identify segments


Create target consumer segments based on consumer purchase, behavioral and attitudinal data.

Build the model


Model and expand segment groups to a lookalike audience to find the most relevant high-opportunity consumers.

Deliver the audience


Numerator sends the aggregated file for media use through a secure FTP site.

Flexible payment options


Numerator offers two payment plans giving brands the flexibility to select between a CPM Pricing Model or a Flat-fee Model, allowing them to select an option that best fits their budget and campaign goals.


Purchase-Based Audience Targeting
by the numbers.


Households sharing shopping trips


Unique shopping trips added monthly


Demographic, psychographic ad media consumption attributes

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