| Oct 13, 2023

Smashing Insights: Carving out the Pumpkin Spice Market

Last year, nearly 1 in 3 US households purchased a Pumpkin Spice product in a store or restaurant, proving the flavor’s appeal beyond the stereotype of the self-described ‘basic’ Millennial white female consumer. This fall season, learn how pumpkin spice is striking a gourd with consumers and get the insights you need to spice things up in your organization with Numerator’s latest report. Download the report to learn:

  • How ‘pumpkin spice season’ has evolved since 2019, and when consumer appetite for the seasonal flavor typically peaks
  • Whether Pumpkin Spice products successfully bring in new consumers to restaurants like Starbucks and Dunkin’
  • Opportunities for growth with Pumpkin Spice buyers across brands, retailers, and restaurants
  • And more!
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