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Latest Update: 7/21/2023

June 2023 Promotions Recap

  • Promotions remain elevated in 2023, driven by increases in bonus pages.
  • Brands continue to emphasize sales price with their promotions as households look to save money in light of inflation.
  • Consumers are still searching for deals, with claimed coupon usage and circular checking at a two-year high. 

Overall promotional volume is down in June.

June promotional volume is down 19% compared to June 2022. Bonus pages continue to show the most overall growth while most other promotions are down or flat. 


Sales price promotional focus remains elevated in June.

Sales price is the only promotional offer type that continues to show growth year-over-year, and accounted for almost a fourth of all promotional offers in June. 

Branded products are growing in share of voice.

Private label brand share of voice is down 39% versus this time last year. At 17.3%, private label share of voice continues to follow the downward trend seen this year.

Deal searching continues to be on the rise.

Brands and retailers will need to competitively promote for the remainder of the year as sentiment around finding promotions grows. Over 1 in 4 shoppers say they would switch brands to take advantage of a deal, 34% of shoppers check store ads, and 32% are using coupons to save money.


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