Comprehensive promo analyses made easier than ever before.

Promo Packs provide the granular promotional analyses you need to compete in today’s shifting landscape – delivered to your inbox to save you time and resources.

Optimize trade spend with
minimal effort.

The promotional landscape is becoming increasingly complex – but critical to understand to win in a quickly shifting landscape. When you need a turnkey solution to access comprehensive analyses with minimal lift, lean on trusted industry experts to receive streamlined promotional analyses.

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Optimize your promo strategy with reports powered by the industry’s most comprehensive promo dataset, compiled by Numerator experts

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Get what you need without ever logging into a platform; save time and resources without sacrificing the strategic value of comprehensive & granular promotional insights

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Quickly extract the insights you need with detailed reports designed for streamlined analysis and cross-organizational sharing


Powered by Promotions Intel’s industry-leading dataset.


Retailers covering CPG & General Merch


Ad blocks coded annually


Categories tracked


Leveraging the value of comprehensive promotions data has never been easier.

Optimize your promo strategy with the detailed insights you need to win in a shifting landscape – while saving valuable time and resources.

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Promo Pack Spotlight:
Promo Insights Report

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What is the true impact of your promotions?

Brands and retailers have leveraged Promo Insights – the industry’s first and only solution to link trade promotions and purchase behavior – to step into the forefront of promotional tracking & planning.

By understanding the connection between promotions and purchase behavior, you can glean actionable insights to drive category growth and incremental revenue through your promotional strategy.

And now we make it even easier to access Promo Insights data for your category with Promo Packs.

Looking for more? Promo Insights platform access enables analysis across all categories to enable an even wider view of promotional impact across the landscape.

Unlock deeper analysis and more use cases with Promotions Intel platform access.

Access the full dataset powering Promo Packs to maximize trade promo effectiveness with an always-on platform that provides ungated visibility into total market promotions.

Find out how Numerator can help your brand grow.

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