Measure and increase promo effectiveness.

Promotions are becoming more important to consumers as uncertainty rises. Gain clarity around your promotion strategy by understanding the impact of promotions on buying behavior.

Understand promotional impact beyond POS data

Connect promotional activities and purchase behavior to inform a long-term strategy that drives incrementality.

Connect promotion activities to purchase behavior.

Numerator Promo Insights helps brands understand how promotional activities affect purchase behavior. Understand the impact and effectiveness of trade promotions in print/digital weekly ads for you and your competitors by identifying who’s purchasing items on promotion, where they’re shopping, and how it compares to their previous shopping behavior.

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Perform deeper analysis

Identify promotional characteristics that drive purchase behavior.

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Get better shopper insights

Understand which shoppers are motivated by promotions.

fast consumer panel data

Save more time

Quickly diagnose impacts of promotional activity on shopper metrics.


Get more
with Numerator.

Get answers to important business questions for the planning and success of your trade promotion strategies:

  • Did putting the item on promotion increase household penetration?
  • Are you bringing in net new buyers to your brand or category, or are you driving pantry stuffing with loyal customers?
  • What types of shoppers are most likely to buy your brand or category while on promotion? 
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Features that give you more.

More channels. More visibility. More effective promotions.

Analyze unique types of promo shoppers

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Segment shoppers by whether they bought a product on or off promotion, what offer type they used, and/or the placement of the promotion – and integrate these groups into key analyses.

Learn how promo qualities impact shopper behavior

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Understand which promotional attributes are most effective at driving metrics like buy rate, basket size, and competitive switching.

Understand who is buying your promotions

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Identify where your promotions are sourcing volume from; do they attract new category buyers and competitive switchers, or simply subsidize existing buyers?

See how promos impact which brands shoppers buy

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Identify when promos source volume from another brand – and which brand buyers are leaving behind for a better deal.

See how promos impact the stores shoppers choose

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Understand the differing impact of promo attributes across retail stores – and how specific promotions drive volume shifts across them.


Promo Insights by the numbers.


Static panelists


Shopping trips captured


Promo ad blocks coded per week


Case study: Bimbo Bakeries USA increased profits despite supply chain constraints.

Bimbo Bakeries USA partnered with Numerator to shift away from their traditional promo offerings and identify a new promo strategy that increased profits and optimized supply amid compounding industry pressures.

Understand promotional impact with Numerator.

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