Gain near real-time visibility into retail promotions at scale.

Leverage Promo Data Feeds to surface incremental, promotion driven insights to enhance your understanding – then easily integrate with other data sets to add new dimensions of analysis to existing trackers and indices.

Keep pace with the market changes impacting promotional success.

In a market more motivated by savings than ever before, it is critical to understand the promotional landscape. With near real-time visibility into pricing and promotions at scale, Promo Data Feeds delivers the industry's most detailed promotional data that can easily be integrated with other data sets to elevate your understanding of market shifts, opportunities, and threats.

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Unmatched scale

Access breadth and depth of data from 800+ retailers, 265 markets, with 70+ promotion attributes to identify which brands and retailers are gaining promotional share.

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Speed and granularity

Leverage promotional data from as recently as the previous week to quickly and effectively adjust your promotional strategy when it matters most.

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Extensive history

Analyze historical promotional activity to understand trends versus lasting market changes, identify successful strategies during peak promotional periods, and more.


More data,
driving more growth.

Numerator’s expansive & granular promotional dataset allows you to reach new levels or promotional analysis with:

  • Streamlined integration with other data sets
  • Store-level data
  • UPC-level data
  • Unlimited export volume
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Advance your analysis with fast, omnichannel promotions data.

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Trend historical data to predict outcomes

• Why sales during key holiday seasons excelled or declined for a brand

• When are brands stopping/slowing their promotional acticity

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Measure shifts and quickly respond to the market

• How promotional share is shifting between brands & how promos cause changes in sales data

• Where margin is declining due to increased prices and unnecessary discounting

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Anticipate threats and opportunities

• When new or emerging brands are gaining share through increased retail support

• When a brand is increasing promotions, to proxy competitive pricing


Promo Data Feeds
by the numbers.


Retailers covering CPG and General Merchandise


Promotional attributes tracked



Gain additional support with Promotions Intel platform access.

Looking for an always-on platform optimized for streamlined analyses and guidance from industry experts? Promotions Intel provides on-demand access to comprehensive Promo data & the functionality you need to quickly answer key business questions.

Find out how Numerator can help your brand grow.

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