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Latest Update: 7/20/2023

Name brands showcased resiliency in the first half of 2023.

Total CPG private label dollar and unit share are both down in the three months ending June 2023 across all consumer income groups. The pet and baby categories are the only CPG sectors that saw private label growth in the past three months versus year-ago. 


Brands will need to bring competitive pricing.

Although branded products managed to fend off private label, consumers are finding price to be more important than name brand across all income levels. And they are also looking to purchase private label to save money–driven by higher income households. However, perception of private label quality continues to be a challenge across all groups of shoppers. 


Wine, cheese and pet food are growing in private label share.

Select categories like wine, cheese, disposable diapers and pet food are seeing private label share increases. All tracked categories in the health & beauty sector saw slight private label share declines in the latest quarter. 


Private label leaders continue to maintain their position.

Walmart and Costco remain the private-label leaders across all tracked retailers. 


Walmart-owned brands maintain top-spots

While Walmart's private label brands were the most widely purchased in the past quarter, Kroger's Smart Way was the fastest-growing private label brand, followed by Amazon Basics and Aldi-brand items. 


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