Be more agile
with fast new
item insights.

Build up more readable sample fast –
across all channels.

Get insight into product launches before it’s too late.

Knowing what’s working (or not working) enables the agility to improve the performance of new launches and not just learn what went wrong after the fact. Numerator provides the speed and the holistic insights needed for a more complete view of the landscape so you can better uncover opportunities and threats.

fast consumer panel data

Gauge launch
success faster

Gain insights into trial and repeat in weeks as opposed to months.

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Understand incrementality and source of volume

Omnichannel coverage provides a holistic view of sourcing including non-traditional channels, private labels and retailers.

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Gain competitive
insight and context

Compare competitive new item launches and understand which brands you’re sourcing from.


Get more
with Numerator.

Maximize the performance of your new item
product launches.

Numerator’s sample size and trip capture rate translates to understanding new item consumption metrics, sourcing, and trier acceptance 2-3x faster than legacy.

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Get deeper insights with verified buyer surveys.

Ask your verified purchasers what they think about your new item. Our highly engaged panelists provide faster results and more robust insights than traditional survey providers.

Features that give you more.

More channels. More visibility. More competitive edge.

Measure new item success quickly


Build sample fast and understand the source of your new item success, whether it be from buyers that are new to the category, buyer shifting or overall category growth.

Understand trial and repeat


Track growth in trial and repeat buyers over time to understand the staying power of your new item.

Gain competitive context


Know which brands your new item sales are sourcing from and benchmark your performance against other competitive product launches.

Inform your retailer strategy


Understand which retailers drive spend for your new product launches and compare that to competitive launches.

Brands that trust Numerator New Item Insights.


Find out how Numerator can help your brand grow.

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