| Aug 16, 2023

Modern Measures: New Strategies for Driving Loyalty and Efficient Marketing

To stay ahead of rapidly evolving consumer trends, business leaders need metrics that provide indicators of future performance. Enter Consecutive Repeat Rate and Customer Lifetime Value, two measurements that provide invaluable insight into loyalty and its influence on brand performance.

Join Numerator for a discussion of these unique metrics and their power to help marketers and insights professionals think more comprehensively about brand health and the entire customer journey. Watch on demand to learn:

  • What these measures are and how they are calculated
  • Why they are valuable and important metrics to incorporate into your strategy
  • How to leverage them for business planning
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Shawn Paustian
Shawn Paustian
Associate Director - Thought Leadership
Jenna Freese Headshot
Jenna Freese
Director, Strategy & Enablement
Jenny Weber
Senior Product Manager, Insights