| Sep 21, 2023

Hometown Impact: How Local Housing Markets are Impacting Home Improvement

Hometown Impact Data

Rising interest rates and home prices have fundamentally altered con­sumer demand and purchasing power, however the impact on the housing market will vary regionally. How will home buying behaviors shift and what does that mean for consumer spending in related consumer goods categories?

Download this report to learn more on the state of the macro economy, its impact on local housing markets, and how the home improvement industry will be impacted. Key insights include:

  • How inflation is impacting the housing market regionally
  • If regional housing prices are impacting the home improvement sector and key categories, such as Power Tools and Paint
  • How Home Improvement sectors are shifting/performing, relative to all other categories, and which departments are showing the most improvement
  • Which consumer demographics are driving sales across key regions, and how consumer sentiments differ
    How promotional volume has shifted across regions and if there’s a direct correlation to sales
  • performance within Power Tools and Paint
  • Which categories they purchased, and how much they spent
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