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Level up your consumer data and unlock infinite insights.

Up your consumer insights game with deeper insight into the shifting behaviors, attitudes and opinions of modern gamers, and the promotions that influence them.

Know more about modern gamers.

Numerator helps video game publishers, developers and manufacturers reach a deeper understanding of the modern gamer by providing unprecedented visibility into their shifting behaviors, attitudes and influencers— all from a single source of data gathered directly from consumers.

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Observe shopper behavior

Gain insight into consumer buying behavior– both in-store and online– gathered from America’s largest, most representative consumer panel.

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Interact with gamers

Survey gamers to understand how their attitudes, opinions and experiences affect their purchase decisions.

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Track omnichannel promotions

Keep your promotions competitive, with an omnichannel view into retailer & competitor promotional tactics— like bundling offers.


Infinite insight for more growth.

Omnichannel coverage

We merge data from panelists' physical store receipts with their online e-receipts to capture purchases across all retail formats, providing a single source for omnichannel shopper insights.

Daily data updates

Shopper data is updated daily within Numerator Insights to ensure your strategy can move at the speed of the modern consumer.

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A modern panel for deeper insight into modern consumers.

As the largest, most representative consumer purchase panel in America, the Numerator OmniPanel provides infinite insight into modern consumers. We have more panelists, capture more trips, and track more retailers across more channels than legacy panels— bringing you infinite insights for more growth.


Panelists uploading receipts— with a 225K static insights panel


Shopping trips captured—13x more than legacy panels


Retailers tracked— from electronics stores to big box to ecommerce.

Panel Data Feeds

Streamline your data ecosystem and unlock insights others miss with first-party consumer data that does the work of multiple data sources.

Grow more with Numerator.

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