| Jun 28, 2023

Cracking Open Functional Beverage Growth Opportunities

As consumers increasingly focus on nutrition and whole body wellness, it will be critical to monitor purchasing patterns and behaviors in emerging categories like Functional Beverage. How are consumers interacting with this category and what are the key drivers for future growth?

Watch, Katie Smith, Numerator Senior Consultant, and Erich Ritz, Numerator Senior Solutions Analyst, as they review the Functional Beverage category performance and how brands can achieve long term growth. Tune in to find out:

  • How has the category fared in the past few years?
  • Who are the Functional Beverage shoppers and how do they engage in the category?
  • What are the critical growth drivers to further grow brand share?
  • How can brands capitalize on the affinity between Functional Beverage and Food categories for long-term growth?
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Katie Smith
Katie Smith
Numerator Senior Consultant
Erich Ritz
Erich Ritz
Senior Solutions Analyst