Data Science Teams

Answer highly complex business questions with first-party consumer data.

Make sense of large data sets to drive business decisions.

Solve highly complex business problems and contribute to internal automation processes, models, data lakes, and CDPs with the most comprehensive first-party datasets from Numerator. Highlight insights and opportunities through data synthesis from multiple sources and create dashboards to deliver value to your partner Consumer Insights and Shopper Insights teams - along with Executive leaders.

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Access uniformly
collected data

Our first-party consumer data is uniformly collected so you can get right to analyzing and delivering insights to key stakeholders.

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Deliver more accurate forecasting, modeling, analytics, and tracking over time.

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Automate more
internal processes

Develop new automated processes to improve operations, build models, and feed into data lakes and CDPs.


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Scalable, first-party consumer data

Drive your business's machine learning and deep learning capabilities with our raw data

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Get the scale, depth and flexibility you need to win across all points of your consumer engagement strategy.

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