Deep insights
to engage
modern shoppers.

Drive more traffic by identifying the right products, messaging, and purchase occasions with Numerator’s modern consumer panel and advertising intelligence data.

Shopper behavior is shifting rapidly – to keep up, you need more comprehensive insights.

Shopper behavior is continuing to evolve amidst uncertainty. How can you capture more convenience trips and spend per trip? We know what products, messaging, and services appeal to your shoppers and your competitors’ shoppers across all channels, so you can craft the right strategies to win their loyalty.

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Quickly adapt your advertising strategy

Leverage market-level competitive ad intelligence with with access to breaking creatives and market-level spend data across media types to stay ahead of the competition.

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Deeply understand key shopper segments

Engaged convenience shoppers tend to be Millennials or Gen X, lower income, male, and rural. Develop differentiated advertising and messaging to engage this segment and drive sales.

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Capture your fair share of growth

Identify how key shoppers behave at your store, competitive stores, and online to pinpoint leakage and discover areas for growth.


Get more
with Numerator.

Omnichannel visibility

All retail channels, from Convenience to QSR to Ecommerce

Comprehensive understanding

Deep insights via surveys that combine shopper behaviors with attitudes, opinions, and media consumption

Insights on demand

On-demand access to path & purchase data updated daily

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Reports that give you more.

More channels. More insights. More competitive edge.

Trip type profile


Profile the trip types and missions and missions that your shoppers are taking, as well as the brands and categories they purchase at competitive stores. 

Store loyalty flow


Identify shifts in loyalty among your shoppers and look across geographies and channels to compare loyalty metrics to key competitors.

Leakage tree


Understand which competitors, across all channels, are stealing category share. Analyze the demographics, psychographics, and behavior of leaked shoppers to learn how to win them back.

Media consumption


Use purchase behavior, media consumption data, and psychographics to build holistic profiles of your shoppers for marketing campaigns, planning around the segments that matter most.



Go beyond demographics to understand what interests and motivates your shoppers. Analyze shopper attitudes outside of purchase behavior and learn more about their opinions to craft strategies to engage them.


Numerator's OmniPanel by the numbers.


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Grow more with Numerator.

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