Brand Management Teams

Build strong commercial plans to help the business grow and win with the consumer.

Win the consumer and grow your business.

Build strong commercial plans to grow your brand’s share, win the consumer and build strategies that will drive sales, profit, share and equity gain. With comprehensive insights from Numerator, find growth opportunities and understand your consumer base to create strategies on packaging, pricing, distribution, merchandising, positioning, and more.

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Understand who your consumer is

Perform deeper analyses on consumer demographics and psychographics

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See the buy, why
and how

When, why, and how people interact with a brand, category, or new product

fast consumer panel data

Move at the speed
of the consumer

Get meaningful insights quickly and implement optimizations when it matters


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Align your internal goals and retailer strategies

Use Numerator data to identify and develop shopper programs that align with retailer objectives as well as internal sales and brand team goals.

Build strategies to grow your brands. 

Perform research that will help you find growth opportunities and understand everything from consumer base expansion, brand health, to test copy, and more.

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Numerator TruView

Measure your market share across all channels and with consumer context – at the speed of the consumer.


Case study: Scotts Miracle-Gro Company identifies and responds to competition.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company leveraged Numerator Insights and Numerator Surveys to gain early visibility into an emerging competitor and minimize their threat. 

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